In Salon Treatments

Treatments Fees

Conditioning Treatment £11.00
Dual Conditioning Treatments£15.00
Chronologiste Treatment £20.00 Scalp only £6.00
Scalp and Hair Treatment £25.00
Kerastase Discipline Treatment £25.00

Long Hair Dressing

Price on Consultation

Pre Colouring, Smoothing, Volumising & Perming – a simple sensitivity test may be required at least 24 hours prior to any of these services.
A strand test of your hair is necessary to establish its suitability prior to either a volumising or perming service.

Please note that our Colouring, Smoothing, Volumising and Perming services do not
include a cut and/or finish.


Colouring Fees

Tinting - Full Head On Quotation
Tinting - Regrowth From £48.00
Highlights - Full Head Short From £105.00
Highlights - Full Head Long From £115.00
Highlights - 3/4 Head From £90.00
Highlights - 1/2 Head From£73.00
Highlights - Parting From £60.00
Combination Colour - Short From£66.00
Combination Colour - Long From £85.00
Flying Colours From £46.00
Natural Glossing (semi) - Short From £45.00
Natural Glossing (semi) - Long From £57.00
Balyage and Ombre From £85.00


Smoothing Fees

Keratine Brazilian Blowdry From (includes first shampoo and conditioner)£185.00

Volumising & Perming

Volumising & Perming Fees

Root Volumising From £50.00
Perming - Short From £82.00
Perming - Long From£105.00

Wedding Hair

Wedding Hair Fees

3 Step Bridal Package From (Thorough consultation. Detailed trial run. The Wedding day)£95.00